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What Are the Difference Between GB Whatsapp and Facebook

To start with, the obvious difference between the two services – at least from the user’s point of view – is that Facebook owns both. It’s simple to see why it would want to take on the world of mobile messaging. The real difference, however, is in the way Google apps the service. Both GB Whatsapp and official WhatsApp look very similar and are almost identical in terms of basic functionality. They both allow you to add contacts, make new contacts, read and reply to messages, add calendars, manage your contacts list, manage your notes and search for the person you want to contact.

GB Whatsapp

Difference Between GB Whatsapp and Facebook

The similarities stop there though. Official Facebook for example doesn’t have built-in SMS support, which GB Whatsapp does. Nor does it let you search for someone by SMS. That’s where the difference appears. On Facebook, you can install third-party apps that can send SMS to any number, even when using GB Whatsapp.

Should You Choose GB Whatsapp or Facebook?

You probably already know that Facebook has millions of users and that it dominates the market share of most social networking sites. If you don’t have an account with the social network, you’re probably still waiting for your chance to join. Now, with the official Facebook app, you can easily create an account and connect to a new world of contacts. You can then start searching for people by name or by location, and you can even find people by searches or interests. If you’re not a fan of the news, you can also search for articles or videos about your favorite topics.

However, the real star of GB Whatsapp is the image gallery. You can also select which photos to display through the gallery, which means you can change the background of your device to match the mood of your pictures (if you’re at work, you can put on a photo of the city for a different mood) or simply use the same photo for all of your activity. You can save an unlimited number of images and chat with your friends over the photos.

Another important difference is that the official Facebook and the GB Whatsapp app have their own sets of rules and privacy policies. On Facebook, you can see all of your activity and can look at the people who are friending you, receiving your messages, or sending you updates. However, this application does not have the same set of rules and is more loosely connected. This means that many people who have an account on both Facebook and GB Whatsapp may share the same information. It’s unclear whether these two social networks, plus the way the two apps use the APK format, mean that you can’t read the information on one as well as the other.


With all of this in mind, it doesn’t appear that the GB Whatsapp is going to be replaced by Facebook any time soon. The GB Whatsapp application has a few unique features that may make it appealing to certain group users while the functionality of Facebook is fairly standard. Both of these applications have limited storage and functionality, but they function independently of one another. This means that you can continue to surf the internet and send messages, but you won’t have to worry about losing functionality when you switch between either application.