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Download GB Whatsapp – Why Should You Use This App

If you’re new to the world of mobile apps, you may not have heard of GB Whatsapp yet. The application was first released in 2010 but has gained popularity very quickly. Since then it has become crucial that you know everything you can about GB Whatsapp before downloading or using one. The following text will discuss why you should use GB Whatsapp and some of the benefits you can receive by using the GB Whatsapp application.

GB Whatsapp

Download GB Whatsapp

The biggest reason to download GB Whatsapp is that it offers many new features that weren’t available to users before. You can also download from the given link. For example, the official Facebook application doesn’t allow for direct messages on mobile. Thanks to the dedicated team working on this application though, you can now send messages from GB Whatsapp. This means that when you’re away from home, you can keep in touch with GB Whatsapp.

Another huge reason to download GB Whatsapp is that it offers many new functions that weren’t offered by the original app. For example, you can now search for a phone number using Google instead of going through the usual list of numbers. You can also find a contact’s email address from within the application. 

Why Users Download GB Whatsapp

One of the most common reasons why people would want to download GB Whatsapp is because it offers them access to their friend’s contacts. However, there is more to it than that. The original app only lists the people who are on your friend list so if you don’t have any GB Whatsapp friends and you want to add anyone, you have to edit your contacts to add the GB Whatsapp that you want. There are a lot of problems with this and one of them is that if your friend has deleted their contacts, they will still appear in the contacts of those who have added to and vice versa.

GB Whatsapp allows us to enter in a specific number that we want to send a message to and then it searches our existing contacts to find out whether they are online or not. It then sends a personal message to them with a few clicks of the mouse. GB Whatsapp also allows us to search for specific people as well as groups and it then creates a sub-tab for each group. When we go inside a sub-tab, we can view all of our files from there instead of having to open the main contact list. Furthermore, we can then select individual conversations from there instead of having to send them all to the main conversation.


One issue with this application though is that it only allows us to send small-sized text messages such as this which can be rather limiting when trying to send large personal messages. There is however a simple solution to this and that is to add a bit of additional code to our web pages to enable us to send images.